40 stops in the History of the Greek Railways

The award-winning Museum of Photography “Christos Kalemkeris” of the Municipality of Kalamaria in collaboration with Clio Muse Tours created an original virtual tour, which presents the history of 40 Greek railways and the role they played in the economic, commercial and social development of the country, combining the invaluable archive of the museum, with rare photographs of the 19th and 20th century, with 360-degree photographs of today.

With the co-financing of the Ministry of Culture & Sports.

The virtual tour “40 stops in the History of the Greek Railways” created through the Tour Experience platform of Clio Muse Tours takes us to the past, telling us the history of the Greek railway network.

It transports visitors to 40 selected cities throughout Greece starting in 1869 and ending in 1969. From Orestiada and Didymoteicho to Alexandria, Lechonia and Velestino, the virtual tour presents cities, stations, as well as railway constructions., giving visitors the opportunity to travel to Greece from end to end. The narratives that accompany each point of the tour consist of historical facts and information that were recorded after extensive research.

“This is the first step in the implementation of a multidimensional project of global interest, the Museum of Photography” Christos Kalemkeris “of the Municipality of Kalamaria which aims to promote the various aspects of the development of the Greek railway network through the rich photographic material of the museum dating from 1838 “, Emphasizes the president of the Museum, Pavlos Kalemkeris.

The virtual tour “40 stops in the History of the Greek Railways” is available in Greek and English through the official website of the Municipality of Kalamaria, and the Museum of Photography “Christos Kalemkeris”.