The Forest of Oaths

The people of Thessaloniki had two magical nights on March 21 & 23, 2019, respectively, in the overnight space at the Geni Mosque of Thessaloniki (with the kind hospitality of the Municipal Gallery of Thessaloniki), when the music of the award-winning Giannos Aeolos entitled “The Forest of Oaths” was premiered. What made these two nights unique was not only the magical music of the composer but also the framing of it from photographs of the First Balkan War and the Second World War through the archive of the Museum of Photography “Christos Kalemkeris” of the Municipality of Kalamaria , which made this audiovisual event riveting.
Rare and collectible images full of vows, desires, promises, wishes, fear and redemption. A set of strings and a piano by one of the most important chamber music ensembles, the Orpheus Soloists, took the audience on a journey through the world of innermost emotions, in a musical narrative where sounds become thoughts, ideas, forms, memories and dreams.
An audiovisual partnership with a unique result of quality, harmony and emotions!