“Memories of Minor Asia”

In the context of the International Conference on the 100th Anniversary of the Asia Minor Disaster, a photography exhibition titled “Memories of Minor Asia” is organized under the responsibility and supervision of the “Christos Kalemkeris” Museum of Photography. It includes original photos and with modern printing and technological methods it depicts and reminds on the one hand the cosmopolitanism and high culture of the life of our ancestors in the major urban centers of Asia Minor, Constantinople and Smyrna, on the other hand it is a powerful document about the events of the Catastrophe. Through the original and unique photographic material of the Museum of Photography and the Historical Archive of Refugee Hellenism, the pain and uprooting of Hellenism, its settlement in metropolitan Greece, and the attempt to rebuild its life in the country of refugee are captured. A photographic exhibition with three imaginary themes, life before the Catastrophe, the Catastrophe itself and life after it.

The museological reasoning of the exhibition aims to convey the past, but at the same time, disturbing the glorious moments of prosperity, to teach the visitor about the historical events and to instill hope and faith for life after the tragic events.

Due to the great interest of the exhibition, the exhibition remains open from October 6th until October 30th 2022, in order to receive visits from schools, clubs, student departments and the general public from Kalamaria, Thessaloniki and Macedonia

The exhibition is hosted at the REMEZZO exhibition space, which is located in the area that was the first place to receive refugees and which, as a memorial site, has a special historical and symbolic significance.