🔸In the heart of a seasonally changing world, the “Christos Kalemkeris Photography Museum of the Municipality of Kalamaria” is a source of cultural strength and endurance. The recent, historic decision to exempt it from the abolition of all Public Law Legal Entities, based on Law 5056/2023, confirms its value on the national cultural map.

🔸Among hundreds of organizations, the Kalemkeri Museum stands out as a crucial body for the preservation and enhancement of local and national cultural heritage. This success is proof of our dedication to the culture and promotion of photographic art.

🔸The Museum of Photography, maintaining its cultural identity unshakable, independent of regulatory or even political influences, remains faithful and in close cooperation with the Municipality of Kalamaria, contributing to the promotion of their cultural development.

🔸 We wholeheartedly express our thanks to the responsible minister, Mr. Theodoros Livanios for the recognition and choice of “exception” of our organization, the Mayor of Kalamaria, Mr. Ioannis Dardamanelis for our excellent cooperation and his catalytic contribution, the members of the Municipal Council of Kalamaria for their unanimous support, Ms. Chrysa Arapoglou for her determination and commitment to continue this support, the Thessaloniki MPs and all those who contributed to our important effort for self-sufficiency.

Culture Unites!

🔸This recognition is only the beginning! Achieving high goals and results requires hard work, political will, practical support and a firm and clear Vision:

✨ Let Kalamaria become a pole of world culture!

✨ Thank you for your continued support.

The Chairman of the Board

Pavlos Kalemkeris