MEMORIES of Minor Asia

The Kalemkeri Museum of the Municipality of Kalamaria, in collaboration with the IAPE and with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, within the framework of the International Conference entitled “The next day after the disaster”, presented at the Remezzo Polyhoros from 6-30 October 2022 a photographic exhibition entitled ” Memories of Minor Asia”

With modern printing methods, the exhibition depicts and recalls on the one hand the cosmopolitan life, the bohemian spirit, the high culture of the life of our ancestors in the centers of Asia Minor Hellenism. And on the other hand, it is the powerful document about the events of the disaster to those who lived through them and to those who heard them from stories. The photographic paper depicts the pain and uprooting of Hellenism as well as his settlement in metropolitan Greece, trying to rebuild his life in the country of the refugee.

This exhibition was re-exhibited in the foyer of the Thessaloniki Music Hall on the occasion of the performance “Last Blank Pages” of the Arsakeio Primary School (February 2023)