MEMORIES of Minor Asia

The Kalemkeri Museum of the Municipality of Kalamaria, in collaboration with the IAPE and with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, within the framework of the International Conference entitled “The next day after the disaster”, presented at the Remezzo Polyhoros from 6-30 October 2022 a photographic exhibition entitled ” Memories of Minor […]


🔸In the heart of a seasonally changing world, the “Christos Kalemkeris Photography Museum of the Municipality of Kalamaria” is a source of cultural strength and endurance. The recent, historic decision to exempt it from the abolition of all Public Law Legal Entities, based on Law 5056/2023, confirms its value on the national cultural map. 🔸Among […]

Age of Minor Asia

An era of prosperity, cosmopolitan life, free spirit and high culture is what our ancestors lived in the great urban centers of Istanbul and Smyrna in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. All this vibrancy, prosperity and movement are contrasted with the pain and sadness of the destruction of Smyrna in 1922 in photographic […]

The Narcissus Suite

“The Narcissus Suite” Through our rare collectible photo archive, a series of portraits (portraits) are composed from the appearance of the photograph until today, referring to the multidimensional semiology and creative expression of the portrait, recording the greatness of the external representation and the interior of the individualIt is a co-production with the charismatic composer […]

Tale of X Cities

The “Tale of X Cities”, initiated by the Goethe Institut Thessaloniki, aspires to create a network of cities, under the Common Lab program, implemented under the artistic direction of ArtBOX and in collaboration with TIF-Helexpo and presented in live streaming on Sunday 11/21/21. The Municipality of Kalamaria represented our Museum !!

Photo Exhibition “When the Railway came”

Photo Exhibition “When the Railway came” (in the context of “2021 Year of the Rail”). Opening 30.06.2021 at the Byzantine Museum of Veria. Co-organization with the Ephorate of Antiquities of Veria and the support of the Association of Friends of the Polycentric Museum of Aigai.

The Forest of Oaths

The people of Thessaloniki had two magical nights on March 21 & 23, 2019, respectively, in the overnight space at the Geni Mosque of Thessaloniki (with the kind hospitality of the Municipal Gallery of Thessaloniki), when the music of the award-winning Giannos Aeolos entitled “The Forest of Oaths” was premiered. What made these two nights […]