Palace project

The official proposal, prepared by the Museum of Photography “Christos Kalemkeris” of the Municipality of Kalamaria, for the utilization of the historic Government Palace, with the aim of creating a multidisciplinary cultural center, its return to the local community. The proposal provides: View the proposal

Snapshots of the19th century Athens

What was Athens like in the 19th century? What did one see when you first visited it? Are there traces of that time, visible even today? These and many more questions are answered by the new digital tour of the Kalemkeris Museum entitled “Click on 19th century Athens”, presenting the history of the city through […]

The Hellenic Mosaic

“The Hellenic Mosaic” – a cross-sectoral digital, artistic, cultural and educational work dedicated to the 200 years of the Greek Revolution. The project was selected by the Commission 2021 and its chairman, Ms. Gianna Angelopoulou, among the 3 best and most creative proposals submitted. The project was granted to the Municipality of Kalamaria and will […]

Heritage of Kalamaria

“Heritage of Kalamaria” – a really great project for Kalamaria! It consists of a set of actions that aim to highlight the cultural identity and history of Kalamaria, but also to project the image of today through the lens of contemporary photographers. The project is divided into 1) Website for the promotion of the history […]

European Youth Card Association

European Youth Card Association – In the context of extroversion and international collaborations, the Kalamaria Museum joined the European Youth Card Network ( encouraging participation, organization and promotion of projects, exchange programs, campaigns, competitions and other events aimed at new generation!

40 stops in the History of the Greek Railways

The award-winning Museum of Photography “Christos Kalemkeris” of the Municipality of Kalamaria in collaboration with Clio Muse Tours created an original virtual tour, which presents the history of 40 Greek railways and the role they played in the economic, commercial and social development of the country, combining the invaluable archive of the museum, with rare […]